Our Team

Deborah Thomason has over 20 years’ experience as a  therapeutic educational consultant. She has a long and robust career working with families and adolescents.  She has a  bachelor’s  degree in  Psychology . She worked as a Private school administrator,  and held a several positions including Director of Admissions.  She has managed a number of nonprofit organizations and  is also a certified  parent coach. She is a former  member of the  Independent Educational  Consultants Association, and a member of Young Adults Transition Association.  Degrees and  experience withstanding, Deborah  maintains that her most important credential  is that she is a mother  herself. Deborah has parented 5 children including a set of triplet boys. One of Deborah’s children struggled as a teenager and was placed in a residential program, she therefore has a profoundly deep and respectful understanding of how difficult this process can be. She strives to bring this empathetic understanding to every encounter with her clients.
As a therapeutic  consultant,  Deborah has extensive  personal knowledge  of specialized  schools and  programs . She has traveled the country visiting boarding schools,  hospitals, residential treatment centers  and young adult support programs. Deborah continuously meets with Admissions Directors, Academic Deans, Clinical Directors and Program therapists, and tours campuses in order  to thoroughly  explore each programs unique offerings. Deborah is exceptionally gifted at making the correct match between her clients and programs.

Deborah is known for her insight,  patience, compassion and above all  her personal commitment to the families  she serves. She works with other professionals who take pride in their vocation, practice confidentiality and conduct business with the utmost integrity. Deborah feels that it is extremely important to note that she is not personally affiliated with any  school  or program. The needs of her families are always her most important consideration.

All Treatment Collaborative is Deborah’s  second consulting practice. For many years she was the owner of Skelton, Thomason and Associates with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, Portland, Oregon  and Phoenix, Arizona.

She is delighted to have opened an office in Scottsdale, Arizona. “With over 20 years of experience as an educational consultant, I have worked with a multitude of families and encountered a wide variety of situations. I bring a level of passion and skill to the practice that is unique in our profession.”

Dr. O’Keefe is a licensed clinical psychologist who received his Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) from Roosevelt University in Chicago. He completed his undergraduate degree at Michigan State University. He has experience in a diverse range of settings including hospitals, prisons, a university counseling center, wilderness therapy, residential treatment, and private practice. He has been a crisis worker, worked in the juvenile justice system, and performed psychological assessments for the courts.

Dr. O’Keefe is currently an independent practitioner and specialized in psychological assessment. He has been in practice for over 20 years and has a wealth of experience. The majority of his work has been with adolescents and their families. His strength is connecting with clients and building a strong relationship. His focus is to provide the useful and tangible information needed to aid in the treatment process and to help with building a clear pathway for clients to find success.

Dr. O’Keefe grew up in the Chicago suburbs and enjoys spending time in with cycling, triathlon, and taking his dogs into the mountains. He has been married for over 20 years and has two teenage sons.

Sarah is a credentialed Parent Coach and trained mediator having coached hundreds of parents. She began her career providing in-home support services for underserved families in rural communities. Sarah was introduced to the field of outdoor behavioral health in the early nineties and found her passion. When introduced to the field of parent coaching, Sarah jumped at the opportunity to support parents throughout their child’s treatment experience. Sarah’s expertise in Parent Coaching is highlighted as an instructor at Parent Coach Trainer Academy. Sarah holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Linfield College and earned her credential through the International Coach Federation.

Currently, Sarah serves as Director of Parent Coaching at one of the county’s premier Wilderness Programs and has a private practice.